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Performance Piece / Play / Visuals

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Gazing Back is about the patriarchal male gaze on FINTA* people. In the form of drama, performance, dance and visuals, the FINTA* only cast deals with personal experiences that can be linked to structural patriarchal violence. How can we deal with the omnipresent male gaze? In the performance piece, the collective desire to break free from the structures and boxes imposed on FINTA* and to explore personal and collective monstrosity begins to take shape.


Catherine Claessen, Lina Künzi, Nikita Purpu

Main Performers:
Bertilla Spinas, Fayrouz Gabriel,

Elem Miss Active, Pax/Raphi Holzer, Yèinou

Performers Video:
Ariana Qizmolli, Joanna de Almeida, Jo-Ann Ryser, Valerie Tveiten

Video Visuals:

DoP Performance Visuals: Sara Čolić

1st AC: Annaka Minsch

Editing: Sara Čolić


Camera Live-Performance:

Annaka Minsch, Sam de Mena Fernández, Sara Čolić

Editing: Sara Čolić

Light: Elke Mulders

XV06-Y (Xafya Lovecraft),

pr1nc1p3ss4 (Binta Kopp)

Costume Pieces: Jana Čolić

Graphics, Posters: Nikita Purpu

Photos: Portraits, Poster, Flyer: Johanna Bommer

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