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directed by SARA ČOLIĆ


set & dop assistant PHILIPP AMARO

sound design DAMJAN ČOLIĆ

set photography TEUTA QERIMI




Sich überraschenderweise als jemand, etwas erweisen.

Sich ausweisen, sich darstellen, sich enthüllen, sich entlarven.

English definition:

To turn out surprisingly to be someone, something.

To prove oneself; to present oneself; to reveal oneself; to unmask oneself.

The task of a mannequin is to attract new customers by appearing as a decoy in top styled clothes. Social networks are a perfect example of this, as people are looking for originality and uniqueness in their self-presentation. If positive confirmation is received in the form of likes and comments, many people feel that their self-esteem has been boosted. However, if they don't stand out, they may appear to have no character and not be noticed. This can lead to a loss of perception of oneself and the environment. 


When a mannequin does not wear clothes, it loses its personality and can no longer be judged by its appearance. As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man". A mannequin exists and fulfills its purpose, but like humans after its "birth", the it cannot decide where it is placed. Some live in glamorous, expensive stores, while others are displayed in ordinary stores or even end up in the scrap yard.


This project examines the topics of populism and the shadow sides of self-optimization, such as material possession as a status symbol and for self-expression. It asks if happiness and joy can be redefined, and if striving for more prevails, when does an individual describe themselves as successful and satisfied?

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